A little about us...

May 17, 2021

A little about us...

Right, so apparently blogging is the in thing and everyone who’s anyone is doing it! From what I’ve read on google, it is great for your brands exposure, and sharing and connecting with your audience. Like, isn’t posting on Instagram and Facebook enough? Yikes! It’s a hectic world we live in.

So what does one write in their first blog?? The typical cliche post about themselves of course! So here goes.....

I'm Jenna or most commonly known as Jen. Living the average life, all the usual stuff. Married, a mum of 3,  a gym instructor at The Gym Tumut 3 nights a week. (Why not come and train with me! Haha seriously you should.) I love to bake and you'll often find me hanging out with my tribe at the local park or exploring our beautiful countryside! Based in the Snowy Mountains NSW in a small town called Tumut, we really are so lucky, its a gorgeous part of the world! 

Have I always worked in retail you ask. Nope, however as a teenager I did work at our local Target Country store for 5 years and than tried my hand at beauty therapy before landing a role as a banking customer service officer for St George bank. After 8 years in the finance world, our local branch closed down while I was on my second maternity leave, which left me pondering what I would do next. 

Funny fact! When I worked at the bank, my fellow mum colleagues and I always said that Tumut needed a baby/children's store, and someone just needed to do it. Would I have left my well paying, safe career to take on the challenge of the crazy retail world? NO WAY! I am so conservative BUT I am a big believer that things happen for a reason. When one door closes another opens. Being made redundant forced me to re-evaluate my life and future career, and so here we are, writing this blog from inside my shop which is ironically located straight across the road from where my old St George premises was. Maybe I'm not so conservative after all.....

What's Call Me Cutie Kids about??? We (I actually mean me, I am the only employee of CMCK) started out as an online store, running from my husbands "mancave" aka the backyard shed and has now evolved into a gorgeous little shopfront, stocking a carefully picked range of quality designer children's wear, decor, gifts and accessories ranging from sizes newborn to 8 years, as well as a great range of toys for both play and educational. The may aim is to bring affordable and top quality together in a welcoming fun environment. Do I know what I am doing? Most of the time no! Its a whole new learning curve, bear with me as I find my way. 

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy following the adventure and I look forward to providing you and your cuties with all the wonderful goodies. Did I mention that I love baby snuggles too? If you're in Tumut, be sure to pop in for a chat and I'll snuggle your babes. 

And that's it for the first blog! Will I blog everyday, every week, every month? Who knows! Hopefully! I plan to add recipes, mum hints and tips, product reviews and just real life content. Stay tuned

 Jen xx

Photo Credit: Roslyn Clare Photography

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