Caring For Country - Emily Bridgeman

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Caring for Country, a West Arnhem Land story by the wonderful talented Emily Bridgeman!  

Call Me Cutie Kids is so excited to have Emily’s beautiful book in stock. Emily holds a very special place in hearts. She was Darcy’s preschool teacher when he attend Tumut Community Preschool and he adored her,(as do all the little people she teaches and cares for) We are so super proud of you Emily and wish you all the best. 

Read below about Emily’s journey and beautiful book! 


Acknowledgement of Country

"I would like to acknowledge the Rambarranga and Dalabon land and people, where I was blessed to have been welcomed and taught by people I now call lifelong friends. I would also like to acknowledge all First Nations people, past, present and future, who are the traditional custodians of the land on which this book was written.

This story was composed after an unforgettable experience learning on country, which has continued to inspire me each and very day since.

Let us follow this journey of reconciliation together, may this book be a stepping stone for you to learn more about the culture and traditions of our First Nations people.

For my friends in Arnhem Land, I hope this story reaches your young people and empowers them to feel strong and proud of their cultural identity and their connection to land, people, and animals.

My heart has never felt so full, thank you to my dear friends, Joyce, Felina, Rickisha, Chrystal, and Anne for keeping me safe, inspired and well fed. But most of all, thank you for teaching me from the first billy boiled to the last."


Hear what Emily has to say about the The Journey:

“I never thought I'd see my name on a published book, let alone being able to experience these dream like adventures.
But here we are, 24yrs of age, publishing a book, raising my little boy, loving life with my partner in regional NSW, all whilst thinking how fortunate I am.

I'll take you back to where this story began, in 2019 I travelled back up north into Arnhem Land to visit some beautiful friends of mine. I was lucky enough that one of these friends worked as a ranger and invited me on a fire camp deep into Arnhem scrub. I met some of the most intelligent, strong, First Nation women on this camp.
I mentioned to the rangers that I worked in a preschool in regional NSW, and that I love teaching them about the local wiradjuri culture and I cannot wait to share this experience on Rambarranga and Dalabon country with them. At first we joked about myself writing a children's book to teach them about what happens on a fire camp and the importance of caring for country, I later suggested I really could give that a go and I'll send it up here to you as well. During the few days of burning we continued to discuss culture and language, and I started thinking more about how I could write this story. Around the fire on the last night, one of the elder, well respected ladies told me if I was to write a story it was be very appreciated up here. They could show their grandchildren, it could be another way to teach them and show them how important their traditions are.
That night I made a promise not only to them but myself, that I would give this book my all. And it was just the following day, bouncing down the Arnhem Way was where I wrote my first draft.
I am forever grateful for that experience, along with the years of adventures up north leading into that time in my life. I have been blessed with friendships across the whole of northern Australia that have taken part in own journey of reconciliation.” 


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