Re-Play Fork & Spoon Set - White

$3.30 AUD

Mealtimes more fun with funky tableware! 
With all the colours of the rainbow available, it will be hard to pick your favourites! Do you like to mix and match colours or are you a fan of everything matching?? 
Either way the range from Re-Play has something for everyone! 

Re-Play's colourful forks and spoons are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. Durable and affordable, forks feature rounded tips for safety and spoons have a deep scoop for the hungriest toddlers. Mix and match utensils with our plates, bowls, and cups to create a vibrant tableware set.

Great care was taken when designing Re-Play utensils to make them as easy as possible for small hands to use. Their shape and size make them easy to hold. The spoons are deep enough to allow food to reach the child's mouth, rather than spill back onto the plate. The forks have teeth which are sufficiently long to spear food but not so long that they become fragile. Similarly, the teeth are wide enough to make them strong, so they won’t break.

USA FDA-approved, BPA-Free Plastic made from Recycled Milk Containers, dishwasher safe, durable and lightweight, tested for safety.

Set contains 1 x fork and 1 x spoon 

Each utensil is approximately 14cm long

*Red sauces and certain foods can stain plastic - we recommend washing with a grease cutting dish soap,  immediately after use. Should you develop a tough stain, we recommend mixing baking soda and vinegar into a paste and using a good scrubbing tool with grit.

Note: Re-Play are leading the way in environmental sustainability, to cut down on waste they do not include standard retail packaging. 


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